Enjoy reading what you write

Enjoy  reading what you write

Sunday, 1 May 2011

My favourite means of transport

Hello, I am Nada. I want to tell you about my best means of transport: the car. 
I like the car because it provides freedom. In fact, you can travel by car anywhere and at any time. Besides, it goes faster than many other means of transport, the bus for example.It is also more comfortable than the bus or the bike and far more safer.In addition, you can listen to music or to the radio while driving. This mainly why I enjoy using the car.
However, it's true that the car causes pollution and damages the environment. It also kills thousands of people every year in terrible accidents. Moreover, millions of people spend hours waiting in traffic jams daily. Indeed, sometimes the traffic is so bad at rush hours that it is quicker to walk than to go by car or bus.

Looking forward to know about your favourite means of transport.
Nada Achouri  8b2

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When is this situation going to end?

When is this situation going to end?
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